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The design process begins with a clear understanding of the client’s needs, aesthetic, budget, building site, and creative inspiration. Depending on the scope of the project, we commence with an in-depth meeting(s) to develop a clear understanding of the client’s and the project’s needs.  This initial interaction creates a databank from which a design direction is formulated and decisions are drawn. 

Should the project be a commercial, institutional, recreational, or any other that interacts with the public, we conduct a profile study to determine its appropriateness. Additionally, a project is assessed with sustainable design concepts, principles and technologies such as geothermal, passive solar, solar voltaic, solar thermal, wind turbines. This is necessary to determine the most appropriate system(s) to further explore and potentially integrate into the project.

In the interest of design quality, we can engage a small team of experienced associated architects and designers who assist in developing specific phases of a project.  When necessary, consultants are retained to fulfill a project’s special need.  The Studio is also equipped with the latest technology to effectively and efficiently communicate and transfer information to clients, architects, and contractors.

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